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Panerai Replica

1. Handheld Stopwatches

Jeff says: "We have ignored the stopwatch section on OnTheDash for the last 15 years. There are hundreds of stopwatch models that have been made over the years, making it difficult to catalogue them. Readers' interest in these watches has also been minimal.

"But, when we designed the new OnTheDash we divided the stopwatches into three categories: wrist timers and pocket chronographs. We show, within the handheld stopwatches for example, the different timing capabilities (3-minutes,Patek Philippe Replica 12-minutes, 30-minutes, etc.). Special models, such as the Ring-Master and yacht timers.

We wanted to keep adding stopwatches as we added them. We wanted to include the thousands of stopwatches that Panerai Replica made throughout the years, whether it was the simplicity of photographs, the display motif in the catalog, or their importance to Panerai Replica's history. We are off to a great start and will be adding more soon."


There are more than 70 catalogs on the new OnTheDash. Selecting a "favorite", however, is an odd task. Jeff was forced to choose a favorite catalog. He chose the 1942 catalog.Omega Seamaster 007 Replica Watches Jeff says that this is the first catalogue to feature the three-register clocks which would later be transformed into the Autavia, and Carrera 20 years later. There are also mysteries in the catalog -- what is that Reference 2446 model on page 5?

This is the reference number of the Autavia, which seems to have remained unused during those two decades. The Reference 2444 is next to the 2446. However, it's completely different from the Reference 2444 that Panerai Replica produced in the mid-1950s.

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