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ESIA Report N.2 regarding Construction of 400kV transmission line SS Kragujevac 2 – SS Kraljevo 3

On 25th of August 2021 the ESIA engaged expert has performed site visit and inspection. The site visit has taken place at SS Kraljevo 3 and SS Kragujevac 2. During the visit crucial information has been obtained about the actual situation on the site regarding ESIA topics, which has been summarized and presented in the Site Report No 2.

The Report outlines that the construction work within the two construction sites is following all required measures and  procedures in order to protect public health and safety, including security to prevent unauthorized access and good construction practice to prevent environmental degradation.

It has been noted that proper signing practice using hazard notices/signs/barriers has been provided to prevent access to energized components. Organization of waste disposal and portable toilets in order to prevent any sewage being discharged on site, separation of hazardous waste/asbestos has been also organized within the site. Furtherly, the site visit has confirmed that the construction site is regularly monitored and maintained in accordance with required measures and procedures, as well as using good practices for maximum protection of the environment and the surrounding vegetation.

Site pictures from SS Kraljevo 3 :

Within the OHL corridor minimum clearing of vegetation has been made allowing the maximum vegetation height, while still maintaining the required clearance.  From the issued Report N. 02 it can be assumed that construction works are progressing with no environmental degradation on the sites.

Site pictures from SS Kragujevac 2:

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