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According to project associated environmental and social impacts and risks, the overall Project was categorized in line with KfW Development Bank’s Sustainability Guideline as category “B” irrespective of the anticipated mitigation measures, which remains the same for both of the particular projects during contracting phase:

  • Lot 1: Overhead line: Construction of the new 59km long 400kV single-circuit overhead transmission line (OHTL) between SS Kragujevac 2 and SS Kraljevo 3.-category “B”, ESHS classification level 2 medium
  • Lot 2: Substations: Extension of 220/110kV Kraljevo 3 Substation to 400/220/110kV and extension of 400/220/110kV Kragujevac 2 Substation by a 400kV bay.- category “B”, ESHS classification level 2 medium

You can download ESIA document here.

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