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The services of the Consultant will be carried out by Consortium AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd. and ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. Belgrade. The objective of the Consultant’s assignment is to provide expertise in engineering, design and Project management services to the Employer (EMS) to ensure delivery of the Project.


An international consulting and engineering company

AF-Consult Switzerland is a leading Swiss engineering company with an extensive service portfolio in all areas of energy and environmental technology. Whatever the size of the project, customers benefit from the in-depth know-how and broad experience of highly qualified professionals operating around the world.

As a company of the global ÅF Group, AF-Consult Switzerland (now AFRY) has access to a network of several thousand employees.

Our company operates through a global network in which interdisciplinary thinking and action play a key role. By uniting proven processes with innovative concepts, we create integral solutions of landmark importance in the technical and financial areas.

Our first priority is to provide first-rate engineering services in all fields of energy and environmental technology to secure our customers’ market success. In so doing, we also strive to maintain and improve the quality of life while taking all possible measures to preserve and save natural resources. To achieve this goal, we make use of our company’s know-how, our international market presence and the full range of potential of our staff. AF-Consult Switzerland sees itself as an independent agent of our clients, without affiliations to the suppliers, providing services aligned at all times with the needs and standards of the customers.



ELEM & ELGO d.o.o. (E&E) is a family company, founded in 1993. Family basis of E&E is a quality to which we devote special attention and which ensures continuity and stability. Since the beginning, our main business activities have been design, engineering and consulting services in field of power engineering.

Main business principles of the Company are:

  • High quality of provided services,
  • Independence from state institutions as well as any political organization,
  • Long-term planning and
  • Responsible and professional approach towards associates and co-workers.
  • These principles assure stable and long-term development of the company, but also flexibility in business.
  • Clients and Partners
  • E&E has a rich know-how and vast professional experience within its scope of services, gained on local and international projects. We tend to develop continuous long-term cooperation with our clients and partners.
  • Our Clients are international financing institutions (EBRD, KfW, WB, European Union agencies), transmission system operators, public utilities, industrial companies and global investors. We have partnerships with numerous companies, both smaller, specialised companies and global corporations.
  • We build our reputation on basis of quality relationship with our clients and partners. Such approach facilitates long-term cooperation, which is consistent with business principles of the company.

COLENCO Ltd. Skopje

COLENCO Ltd. Skopje is a company initially established in 2012 as AF-Consult Ltd. Skopje, being a part of ÅF Group and operating as focal point for business in all Balkan and SEE countries. From October, 2020, AF-Consult Ltd. Skopje rebranded in COLENCO Ltd., staying on the same track and providing technical expertise and technical assistance in many key projects in the region.

Our team have extensive experience in procurement, implementation, monitoring and supervision of projects financed by International Financing Institutions, especially the EBRD, World Bank, EIB, and also KfW, European Commission and other commercial banks.

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