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Substations – SS Kragujevac 2 and SS Kraljevo 3 are terminal substations for the new 400kV single circuit overhead transmission line on the below locations (coordinates)

SS Kraljevo 3                                       SS Kragujevac 2

43o 40’ 46’’ N                                        44° 03’ 34” N

20o 44’ 20’’ E                                        20° 55’ 15” E

For the substation Kragujevac 2 this project undertakes installation new equipment in existing 400kV bay A02, construction of one new relay house in switchyard 400kV for control and protection cubicles and measurement units for A02 bay, as well construction of cable trench from relay building to existing control building. These trenches will be used for placing cables for connecting new equipment in relay houses with existing equipment in control building.

For the Substation Kraljevo 3 according to project assignment, Feasibility study, Conceptual design and Design for construction permit the Employer is going to extend SS 220/110kV Kraljevo 3 on SS 400/220/110kV with the following description of works:

  • Construction of switchyard 400kV and double Busbars system for 6 400kV bays
  • Installation of power transformer 400/220 kV with rated power 400 MVA
  • Equipping three 400kV bays: one transformer bay, one OHL bay for
    SS Kragujevac 2 and one bus coupler bay,
  • Equipping reserve bay no.09 220kV as transformer bay for new autotransformer 400/220 kV
  • Equipping three new relay buildings in switchyard 400kV, installation of control and protection cubicles, cubicles for supply distribution board and measuring unit for OHL bay.
  • Equipping one new relay building in 220kV switchyard, installation of control and protection cubicles, measuring units for OHL bay and cubicles for supply distribution board (AC and DC supply) for transformer bay no.09 220kV
  • Supply and installation control and protection system for 400kV switchyard, 400/220kV transformer and one 220kV transformer bay (after finishing works on substation the existing SCADA system for 220kV and 110kV switchyard needs to be extended by new 400kV switchyard), measurement units, telecommunication and fire protection equipment
  • New auxiliary supply that includes supply and installation of:
  1. New 10 kV switchgear
  2. New 10/0,4kV transformer,
  3. New 0,4 kV AC distribution (it needs to be harmonized with existing one),
  4. New DC distribution 220V, (it needs to be harmonized with existing one),
  5. New inverter – modular type with one spare module (n+1) configuration,
  6. Two new rectifier,
  7. New AQ batteries,
  8. New Diesel generator (in box unit outside of control building),
  9. New supply distribution board for AC and DC supply in relay buildings,
  • Supply and installation of materials needed for primary and secondary connections for all HV, MV and LV equipment.
  • Supply and installation of earthing and lightning protection system for switchyard 400kV and connecting with existing switchyard 110kV and 220kV
  • Relocation of existing 10kV cable according to Distribution System Operator “EPS distribucija” conditions
  • Installation of substation exterior lighting

Description of civil works:

  • Site levelling (about 30 000 m2),
  • Construction of new main slide gate, completely removing existing external fence around the substation and excavations, concrete foundation, columns construction and new fence erection around SS 400/220/110kV Kraljevo 3,
  • Construction of new SS internal roads in 400kV switchyard and in some parts of 220kV switchyard,
  • Construction of foundations for transformer T3 (bay C01) and transformer T4(bay C02)
  • Construction of new cable trenches in switchyard 400 kV, parallel with main transport SS internal road on side of 110 kV switchyard. If it is necessary, part of existing cable trenches in 110 kV switchyard will be used,
  • Construction of three relay buildings in 400 kV switchyard and one relay building in 220 kV switchyard,
  • Construction of new oil pit, oil pumping facilities, oil pipe drainage and manholes pumping station and new oil sewage,
  • Construction of foundations and steal structure for HV equipment for bays that will be equipped in 400kV switchyard and for one transformation bay 220kV that will be equipped,
  • Construction of foundations and steel structure for switchyard 400kV (for gantries, busbar supports)
  • Construction of foundations for new candelabras that are going to be installed in complete substation,
  • Complete adaptation of control building,
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