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Progress and major activities for Lot 2

During the period July 2021 to September 2021 the following progress of work and general activities has been performed for Lot 2:

Approximately 95% of Design activities were finalized and site activities significantly accelerated. Around 71.6% of all works at SS Kragujevac 2 are accomplished, while percentage of completion of works in SS Kraljevo 3 amounts to 45.4%, based on Contractor’s reports submitted within the Monthly Progress Report, reviewed by the Consultant.
During the following three-month period, completion of Design documentation, including review and approval process is expected, as well as continuation of works on site. Finalization of all activities in SS Kragujevac 2 is expected by the end of December 2021. In SS Kraljevo 3, first priority during the following period is finalization of replacement of Command building roof, along with works on refurbishment of Command building and installation of primary equipment in 400 kV SWY.
Progress of construction works during the stage B – Project implementation Phase is presented through the following percentages.
According to Contractors’ Monthly Progress Reports by the end of September 2021, the following completion percentages were achieved:

  • Construction of 400 kV OHL Kragujevac 2 -Kraljevo 3: 85%
  • Extension of SS Kragujevac 2: 71.6%
  • Extension of SS Kraljevo 3: 45.4%

Major activities and events:
• Monthly Meeting (no. 10) was held in SS Kraljevo 3 on 08.07.2021. Main topics discussed during the meeting were as follows:
– MoM from the last meeting, open issues,
– Contractor’s Monthly Progress Report,
– Time Schedule,
– Progress of works – documentation (Documentation in hard copy, Organization chart of the Contractor),
– Progress of works – site activities (Relocation of 10 kV cable, refurbishment of Command building, temporary relocation of power transformer, progress of civil works in SS Kraljevo 3, diesel generator and auxiliary supply, weekly plans and reports),
– Other issues (Local and access roads).

• Monthly Meeting (no. 11) was held online on 20.08.2021. After the temporary relocation of power transformer. Main topic discussed during the meeting was MoM and open issues from the last meeting.
•On 24.08.2021. the Contractor has submitted the request for approval of the subcontractor for all works related to fences and gates in SS Kraljevo 3. The Consultant approved the proposed subcontractor on 22.09.2021.
•Monthly Meeting (no. 12) was held online on 09.09.2021. Main topics discussed during the meeting were as follows:
– MoM from the last meeting, open issues
– Contractor’s Bi-monthly Progress Report,
– Time Schedule,
– Progress and quality of works – site activities (Progress and quality of civil and electrical works, coordination of Contractor’s work on site, replacement of busbar connections in SS Kagujevac 2, synchronization of works at SS Kraljevo 3, maintenance of local and access roads).

• On 30.09.2021. the Contractor requested additional extension od deadline for roof replacement on command building in SS Kraljevo 3, due to bad weather conditions.
• Besides official recorded meetings, representatives of EMS and the Consultant organize regular site meetings in order to micromanage activities in live substations and coordinate activities between the Contractor and substation crew.
FAT and SAT activities:
• FAT for 400 kV Post Insulators was successfully performed on 06.07.2021.
• FAT for Relay protection and control system panels was successfully performed in period 05-09.07.2021. (pre-FAT) and 12-23-07.2021. (FAT).
• FAT for Insulator string fittings was successfully performed on 22.07.2021.
• Since the power transformer was successfully examined during the previous month, on 30.07.2021. it was handed-over to the Contractor and successfully relocated to temporary position on 13.08.2021.
• On 19.08.2021. Trial Assembly for poles for 400 kV primary equipment carriers and gantry P4-3 was successfully performed.
• FAT for MV Switchgear was successfully performed on 17.09.2021.
• FAT for Connectors and fittings was successfully performed on 22.09.2021.

Photos 04.08.2021 SS Kraljevo 3 progress:

Progress photos 04.08.2021 SS Kragujevac 2:

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