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Progress of Construction Works

Lot 1 The official Commencement date was on 18.05.2020.and deadline for completion is 18.01.2022. Lot 2 The official Commencement date was on 14.10.2020. deadline for completion is 16.06.2022. Site activities at SS Kraljevo 3 started on 22.02.2021. At this point,…

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Major Activities and Events Lot 2

Lot 2 - Extension of SS Kragujevac 2 and Kraljevo 3: Major Activities and Events The Monthly Meeting (no. 4) with the Contractor was held on 14.01.2021 with the goal to discuss progress made in December 2021. Main topics of…

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Major Activities and events Lot 1

LOT 1 Construction of new 400kV single circuit OHTL SS Kragujevac 2 – SS Kraljevo 3 FAT for U 160 BS Insulators was performed on 07.01.2021 in Spain without any representatives of the Project participants due to Covid-19 pandemic. FAT…

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